“..huge profit margin.”

Web developing, designing, and administration are all skilled occupations that are critical for an organization to have in this day and age to be successful.

Our Dilemma

Costs to take full advantages of web services can be in the thousands of dollars annually and those providing the services generally have a huge profit margin.

This creates a dilemma when an organizations’ area of work or progress does not yield monetary profit.

The Problem

Nonprofit organizations or groups that wish to improve society are tasked with implementing and covering the fees of web and IT tools. This can really drag on a nonprofit organizations objectives since the focus of productivity is for society and (you guessed it) not for profit.

taking money out of the Internet

Our objective is for Metaspire.org to be an effective, efficient, secure and free solutions to to the web and IT challenges of productive nonprofits and aspiring groups or individuals world wide.

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